Sherry Clutter

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March 13, 2018


Sherry Clutter - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Law Enforcement Volunteer Award Recipient


A woman who has demonstrated civic responsibility and is the consummate example of volunteerism.


Sherry joined the volunteer program in 2012 and has received several promotions resulting in her current appointment as Commander. During her time as a PBSO volunteer she has proven to everyone she has come in contact with that she is fully capable of multi-tasking complex assignments to a positive conclusion. While serving as a Volunteer Commander Sherry has been an extremely reliable and dedicated member of the Volunteer Executive Staff, proving time and time again that she can be called upon to tackle the intricate task of dealing with a multi-faceted, complex law enforcement agency. 


Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Volunteer Award recipient Volunteer Commander Sherry Clutter with presenter Captain Michael Kirschner

At the time of her promotion to Commander, she was thrust into the difficult position of replacing a highly respected senior Commander who passed away. She immediately hit the ground running. She not only learned the inner workings of the Commander’s position, she did it while actually fulfilling the daily requirements of the position.


Commander Clutter’s areas of command have included, but are not limited to, such diverse areas as the Sheriffs Volunteer Marine Unit, Volunteer Radio Dispatchers, Volunteer Motor Pool and Volunteer Airport Unit.  Sherry is the consummate motivator for our Volunteer corps. Her positive attitude, as well as her ability to perform under pressure makes her an extremely valuable asset in an extremely fast paced environment.


According to Commander Jeff Goldman “I have worked with Sherry for 3 years and on countless occasions she has stepped forward in helping educate our senior community.  As part of her assignment with the PBSO Volunteers, she worked with the Volunteers against Scams team helping to educate seniors as to how to protect themselves against ID theft and scams.  She took the time to become educated on financial crimes and impart her knowledge on others.  She never ceases to give tirelessly of herself.”


Having worked closely with Commander Clutter, we here at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Division, are continually impressed by her ability to assess the agency policies and procedures to better the daily operation of the Volunteer program. She has the extraordinary ability necessary to motivate volunteers to perform at a consistently high level and to instill in them her enthusiastic attitude for accomplishing what could be construed by some as unattainable goals.


During the course of the year (2016) Commander Clutter donated in excess of 1,755 hours of her time to making our community a safer place to live. Additionally, Commander Clutter serves as a volunteer with the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office. Her untiring dedication to Volunteerism is a testament to her giving of herself for a common good.




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