Cybersecurity Tips for Data Privacy Day

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January 28, 2019

Cybersecurity Tips for Data Privacy Day


Last week, we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but you may not know that today, January 28, is Data Privacy Day! This is a good time to take some simple steps to protect yourself online in 2019. 

With the rise of cyberattacks, the new face of crime is anonymous. Data Privacy Day helps bring awareness to cybersecurity. Protecting your private data can stop others from using your information without your permission. 


Here are three tips for protecting your personal information in 2019:

  1. Create strong passwords to protect all electronic devices, such as cellphones, tablets, and computers.

Passwords should NOT include common facts like your date of birth, pet’s name, favorite sports team, children’s names, or grandchildren’s names. These facts are easy for scammers to find by searching on social media or Google.

A strong password should include letters, numbers, and symbols such as @, #, or %.  

  1. Use only trusted websites for shopping online. Think before providing your personal information or payment information for a purchase.

Watch out for “lookalike” websites, which copy trusted sites and may give your device a malicious virus or try to trick you into providing your personal information.

  1. Avoid accepting friend requests from individuals you “might know” on social media.

Scammers create fake profiles in order to share links with malicious software or to gather personal information from the people who accept their friend requests.

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Let’s ensure that 2019 is safe, stress-free, and PRIVATE when it involves our data!

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